David Cox

David Cox, PhD, JD

Teaching Professor

Executive Education, Office of Executive and Professional MBA Programs, Reiman School of Finance

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Biography at a Glance

David Cox is a senior lecturer at the College’s Reiman School of Finance. After leaving Texas Tech University in 1988, Cox joined the University’s finance department as a lecturer. He was named senior lecturer in 2007. Cox was awarded a JD from the University in 1996 and graduated third in a class of 85. When working with the media, Cox is able to address issues from both a financial and legal perspective. Additionally, his work as director of graduate programs enables him to discuss the implications of the global recession and national banking and corporate instability on graduate business education in America.


  • JD, University of Denver
  • PhD, Finance (A.B.D.), Texas Tech University
  • MSBA, Finance, Texas Tech University
  • BSBA, Accounting, Texas Tech University

Academic Leadership Positions Held

  • Assistant Dean, Director of Full-time MBA 
  • Director of Graduate Programs, Daniels College of Business

Academic Positions Held

  • Senior Lecturer, Reiman School of Finance
  • Lecturer, Reiman School of Finance

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