DGWiB/Alumni Association Event

April 06, 2012 |

Yesterday, Daniels Graduate Women in Business (DGWiB) and the Daniels Alumni Association held a delightful networking event, which was generously sponsored by the Daniels Office of Alumni Relations. Stephanie Brady, the chair of the Alumni Association, hosted the event in her beautiful Washington Park home.  50 women from all walks of life attended, including alumnae, graduating MBA students, MBA students in their very first quarter, international students, a former DGWiB president, Daniels faculty and staff, and even an undergraduate student.

Mona Spitz, the director of the Office of Alumni Relations, brought nametags for everyone with information and fun facts that had been collected before the event. From the nametags, we learned that attendees had done some fascinating things in their lives. One person had made it to the finals of Broncos cheerleader tryouts, and another was an opera singer. One person was related to Johnny Cash, and another to Meriweather Lewis.

The caterers of the event delighted our palates.  Appetizers included spinach quiche, lemon poppyseed pound cake muffins with ham and cinnamon sour cream, shrimp wrapped in bacon, pulled pork on cheddar biscuits, and more.  We sipped wine, Evian, Pellegrino, Diet Coke, and more while getting to know dozens of fascinating women.

After a few hours of networking, Stephanie talked about the Alumni Association and encouraged DGWiB members to get involved.  We learned that we were welcome at alumni events, and several ladies of DGWiB expressed their desire to begin attending as soon as possible.  Mona handed out lovely gifts from the Office of Alumni Relations, including Daniels pens, pins, and coasters.  When the evening was over, we were all sad to leave, but we could hardly wait for the next DGWiB/Alumni Association event!

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