What to Expect from Denver MBA Programs

If you are looking for a Denver MBA program to prepare you for your future, then look no further. The Daniels College of Business offers a myriad of programs to ensure that you get the experience you need for the future. You can choose the program that best fits your situation, whether you are a recent undergraduate or a career professional of several years.

Overall Value for Full-Time Students

The full-time MBA in Denver is a program designed to give you comprehensive experience if you are a full-time student. Classes are during the day and you can complete the full program in less than two years. The full-time program works for most professionals who have at least three years of work experience but want to devote a full-time schedule to a Masters in Business Administration. The skills you learn in ethics, leadership, and enterprise will prepare you for a wide variety of future opportunities.

Convenience for Professionals

At the Daniels School of Business, we recognize that many of our students are currently pursuing a full-time career and need a part-time school schedule. The Professional MBA in Denver allows full-time workers to get the same world-class experience as the full-time students by offering classes on evenings and weekends. This program is slightly accelerated so that you can finish in two years. It is ranked number 25 in the country by Bloomberg Businessweek.

Perks of the Executive MBA

The Daniels Executive MBA is one of the most rigorous and tailored MBA programs in Denver. The Executive program allows you to tailor your education to specific career goals you may have. Our EMBA is ranked internationally for promoting the success of its students. This accelerated, strenuous program is well worth the extra perks.

One-Year Programs with Focus

The one-year MBA program is intended for students who receive their undergraduate degree within 11 months of starting their MBA classes. It allows you to focus your Masters in Business Administration more deeply into your field of study. This accelerated program allows you to receive your degree faster while leveraging your undergraduate classes.

International Experience for Business

Finally, you can choose a Denver MBA program that provides priceless experience in the international market. Prepare your future career for global business by utilizing travel opportunities in addition to Denver’s impressive business training.