Thursday, March 3

Come support Fritz Knoebel School of Hospitality Management Contemporary Cuisine class as we create a pop-up restaurant for one night only. This restaurant is planned and executed by students. Come support our class and enjoy some delicious food. We hope to see you there!

Joy Burns Center, Tuscan Ballroom
2044 East Evans Avenue
Denver, CO 80208

5:30 p.m.–First Seating
8:00 p.m.–Last Seating

Contact Alanna Giraldi at for reservations.















Ceviche: Peruvian style. GF. 7

Cubano Rolls: Classically Cuban with mojo pork and sweet mustard dip. 5

Empanadas: Beef (4) or sweet potato-spinach-&-cheese (order of 2) (4). VT.

Ensalada de Casa (House Salad): Hearts of palm, mandarins, & cilantro-lime vinaigrette. GF, VT, VG. 9


Argentine-Style Steak Ribeye cooked to order. Side of parmesan fries & chimichurri. GF. 22

Lomo Saltado: Peruvian beef & potato stir-fry. Side of white rice. 20

Costa Verde Tilapia (or called Tilapia del Rio): Golden crusted tilapia. Side of quinoa & black bean salad. GF. 13

Tacos Mexicanos: 2 Spicy shrimp (11) or 2 lime-cilantro portobello (9). Side of white rice. VT, VG.


Maduros: Fried plantains, Cuban style. GF, VT, VG. 4

Parmesan Fries: GF, VT. 4

Rice:  VT, VG.3

Quinoa & black bean salad: GF, VT, VG. 6


Romeo & Juliet: Classic Latin flavors. Cheesecake topped with guava. GF, VT. 6

Agave-Vanilla Plantains: Ripe sweet plantains with brown sugar & agave nectar, topped with ice cream. GF, VT, VG. 6

Classic Flan: Sweet caramel custard. GF, VT, VG. 5