Feb 08 2017

Cooking Up Job Satisfaction

As a college student, especially those close to graduation, there is a lot of pressure to get a job. People are always asking, “Have you found a job?”, “What are you doing after graduation?” or “How is the job search?” … Continued

Feb 01 2017

An Evening with Arrow Electronics

Are you interested in building a relationship with one of Denver’s top companies and leading employer? Looking to engage in an opportunity to connect with top executives (CIO and others) and learn more about an immersive summer internship program? Then … Continued

Nov 09 2016

LinkedIn Summary Made Easy

Your LinkedIn profile should always include a summary! This is first thing on your profile, and is extremely important as you build your network. It is your digital first impression. Your summary should allow your true, professional self to stand … Continued

Nov 02 2016

Do Benefits Matter?

Do benefits really matter? The answer to that question isn’t as simple as you think.  Let’s say you’ve found a rockin’ position with the perfect firm at a salary that allows you to meet your financial obligations.  You can make … Continued

Oct 11 2016

From a Recruiter’s Point of View…

Understanding how a recruiter does their job can help you become a better applicant. Recruiters are very pressed for time because they are often trying to fill multiple positions. They have their internal customers, the hiring managers in the departments … Continued