James Wall

by on Apr 11 2016

Biography at a Glance James Wall is executive director of the office of communications and marketing at Daniels.   Wall graduated from the University of East Anglia, UK, with a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree with honors in 1991. He … Continued

Jeffrey Woods

by on Mar 22 2016

Biography at a Glance Jeff Woods is an Associate Director and Career Coach with Career Services in the Daniels College of Business. As a coach, he focuses on the development of graduate students and alumni whose careers target finance, accounting, … Continued

Anna West

by on Apr 13 2015

Biography at a Glance For the past 9 years, Anna West has been instrumental in the education of institutional investors. West currently heads Callan Associates’ Published Research Group, which produces white papers, newsletters, and surveys for the industry. She works with investment … Continued

John Wimmer

by on Oct 27 2014

Biography at a Glance John Wimmer is recognized as a catalyst for change. As a senior IT executive with 25+ years of experience transforming multi-site, campus-style environments through use of technology, he continues to prove that he can successfully drive … Continued

Elisa Whaler

by on Sep 17 2014

Biography at a Glance Elisa Whaler owns and operates Bray Whaler, Inc., a full-service hospitality procurement company, managing a wide variety of international and national projects. With over fifty years combined experience, Whaler and founder Ronnie Bray, manage the office … Continued

Alexandra West

by on May 27 2014

Biography at a Glance Alex West’s experience is drawn from the corporate and nonprofit worlds at organizations of all sizes. Over the past 6 years, West has found her niche developing and managing successful programs and projects in the Denver area and beyond. As of … Continued