Arkan Haile

by on Mar 28 2016

Biography at a Glance Arkan Haile is a senior corporate counsel with NGL Energy Partners LP. He counsels or represents NGL in corporate, commercial and financial transactions; regulatory issues; litigation and disputes; and other legal matters that arise in the … Continued

Tom Hall

by on Sep 14 2015

Biography at a Glance Tom Hall is an Assistant Professor in the School of Accountancy. He has over 20 years of finance and accounting experience with firms including Deloitte, Goldman Sachs and PIMCO. He has prior teaching experience at Regis … Continued

Alicia Harvey

by on Jun 29 2015

Biography at a Glance Alicia Harvey is a perfect example of today’s newest generation of leaders. She is young, intelligent, successful, and dedicated to improving society by being the example she demands of others. With an unbeatable work ethic, a … Continued

Evon S. Holladay

by on Apr 29 2015

Request a meeting» Biography at a Glance Evon Holladay is a seasoned professional in architecting enterprise intelligence solutions and running analytics operations. She has built scalable, high-value solutions for health care, telecommunications, retail, and manufacturing. Currently she serves as the … Continued

Christopher Hunter

by on Mar 12 2015

Biography at a Glance Christopher (Chris) Hunter is the President of Premier Precision Group (PPG) an Arizona based company that manufactures complex components for the global defense and aerospace industries. Prior to PPG, he worked for Special Devices Inc. (SDI), … Continued

Cynthia Hansen

by on Mar 12 2015

Biography at a Glance Cynthia Hansen is First Vice President – Wealth Management at UBS Financial Services. She is a Certified Retirement Planning Counselor (CRPC©) and Portfolio Manager in the Portfolio Management Program. Hansen has extensive experience and expertise in … Continued

Paul R. Harrison

by on Aug 14 2013

Biography at a Glance Paul Harrison received his undergraduate degree from Hartwick College in Oneonta, New York and his graduate degree from the University of Colorado. He is currently a lecturer for the School of Accountancy, Daniels College of Business … Continued