Advice for Spring Start Students

March 03, 2012 |

Today in the Denver Post, I read an article by Marni Jameson called “Feeling at Home in a New Town.”  Included in the article was a list of tips for making a new place feel like home.  In honor of our Spring Start students, here is the list from the article, along with my advice for applying the tips to Daniels.

  • Make it your place. When I started at Daniels, I decided that I was going to be as involved in the community as possible.  Once I made this decision, I started taking steps toward my goal–and the amazing people at Daniels helped me open every door at which I knocked.  Ask and you shall receive!
  • Find someone you know. I followed this tip by making friends with one of the Daniels Ambassadors, who introduced me to his friends and acquaintances.  The Ambassadors love getting to know new people and are excited to ease your transition into the Daniels community by connecting you to current students.
  • Make it click. At orientation, talk to everyone!  Hand out your business card, exchange phone numbers, and “friend” your new acquaintances on Facebook.  Attend every event to which you are invited.
  • Create your patterns. Establish small habits that make Daniels feel like home.  Pick up your free copy of the Financial Times every day.  Find a specialty drink that you love from the Daniels cafe and order it a few times a week.  Take a walk around the DU campus every afternoon.
  • Get settled, then get connected. Find the places where you feel comfortable (your house, the Coors Fitness Center, a certain coffee shop, etc.) and spend lots of time there.  People will get to know you and you’ll quickly become part of the community.
  • Loss is inevitable. You will miss people from your old school or workplace.  However, the Daniels community is ready to welcome you with open arms and help you celebrate your new home.
  • Recreate what you love.  If Daniels/DU doesn’t offer an activity you love, then get creative!  DU didn’t have a polo team when I arrived on campus, so I founded one (the team now has an active membership base and constantly recruits new members).  The graduate women’s group at Daniels was about to disappear, so I worked with the only other member to save the organization and to recruit 25 active members.

This final tip was not on the Denver Post‘s list, but is probably the most important item of all: attend the Graduate Resource Fair on March 29th, 2012 from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. in Marcus Commons.  At the Graduate Resource Fair, you can learn about all of the student organizations at Daniels, talk to various DU departments (e.g., Campus Safety), and get to know Daniels faculty, staff, and current students.

Welcome to Daniels!

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