Accepted Student Dinner

July 05, 2011 |

I had been obsessively checking my mailbox for weeks in search of an acceptance letter from Daniels when I received a baffling email in my inbox.  The email, an invitation to an Accepted Student Dinner, confused me.  Was I, in fact, an accepted student?  Had I received the email on accident?  Was the Admissions Office testing me to see how I would respond?

Nonplussed, I promptly called an admissions officer to ask whether I should start celebrating.  After playing an anticipation-ridden game of phone tag with my Daniels contact person, I discovered that I had indeed been accepted.  Once I finished dancing around the house and calling my parents to inform them of the happy news, I returned to my laptop and RSVPed “yes” to the dinner.  I printed out my complimentary parking permit and began agonizing over what to wear.

The next week, I arrived on campus in business casual attire (which, for prospective student reference, was the appropriate wardrobe decision).  After spending several minutes wandering around Daniels and pretending that I knew where I was going, I figured out how to get to the Schneider Boardroom (hint: take the elevator, not the stairs, or you’ll end up out of breath and at a dead end).  When I got onto the elevator, I was met by a smiling and very friendly person.  I was overjoyed that the Daniels community was so welcoming.

Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, at DU.

Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, at DU.

There were about twenty-five attendees at the event, including prospective MBA and IMBA students, Daniels Ambassadors, professors, and staff.  We mingled for a few minutes, and I had the opportunity to meet several students who will be in my classes next year.  I also discovered that the gregarious fellow in the elevator was one of the Daniels Ambassadors, Jared.  Jared, who had earned his undergraduate degree in Communication, quelled my concerns about entering my MBA program with a B.A. in Communication rather than in Business.  His reassurance convinced me that I had made the right decision in applying to Daniels.

After our meet-and-greet session, we settled in to eat and watch a speech (via web feed) by the CEO of Starbucks, who was speaking in another building on campus (click here to watch the speech on YouTube).  We then discussed the presentation, had the opportunity to ask questions about Daniels, and listened to an entertaining and inspiring speech by a Daniels professor.

When I left the Accepted Student Dinner, any doubts I had about whether Daniels was the right place for me had disappeared.  The Daniels community was warm, diverse, interesting, and engaging, and I could not have felt more welcomed.  A few days after the dinner, I finally received my official acceptance email, and happily followed its instructions to confirm my desire to attend the Daniels College of Business of the University of Denver.

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