Accepted Student Cocktail Reception

February 08, 2012 |

One of my favorite duties as a Daniels Graduate Student Ambassador is attending events for accepted students.  The excitement in the air is palpable; the students are thrilled to have been accepted, have spent hours researching Daniels and all the College has to offer, and can hardly wait to begin their classes.  Tonight, I attended a cocktail reception at the Joy Burns Center, and met 50 amazing incoming students.

The event, which was held in the stately reception hall at Joy Burns, involved celebration and festivity in many forms.  Accepted students mingled with Daniels alumni, faculty, staff, and current students, enjoying delicious appetizers, a carving station, a dessert bar, and much more.  A slideshow of Daniels students was playing in the background, and candles were flickering on tables set up around the hall.  The buzzing crowd paused to listen to the inspiring story of a Daniels alumna who had been promoted twice in two years after graduating from Daniels.

Speaking to the accepted students was an energizing experience, and one that provided me with the opportunity to reflect upon my experience thus far at Daniels.  While answering questions about my experiences at the College, I was instilled with a deep sense of gratitude for everything that the Daniels community has done for me.  The people of Daniels are some of the kindest, most genuine, and most caring individuals that I have ever met.

During her speech, the Daniels alumna said that the Daniels community is a family.  As I looked around the reception hall, I realized that  “family” was the perfect word to describe the amazing relationships that I have formed while working and studying at the College.  I was honored to welcome our newest members!

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