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Whether you’re pursuing a business major or minor at the Daniels College of Business, we take your future as seriously as you do. We recognize that an extraordinary business education extends beyond the classroom to develop the whole person. We weave important lessons in business ethics and social responsibility throughout our rigorous business curriculum. This is complemented by programs, such as Backpacks to Briefcases, that help you develop the life skills and professionalism that you’ll need to succeed in the “real” world.

You’ll emerge with the business acumen that the marketplace demands, but your ability to collaborate, effectively problem solve and manage yourself and others will set you apart.

Ethics Bootcamp

The Department of Business Ethics & Legal Studies (BELS) presents an ethics boot camp—an intense, focused experience early in your academic studies that provides a lasting impression and a lifelong framework for ethical decision making. A competitive program unique to Daniels, it offers opportunities for community service and partnerships with organizations such as Goodwill.

During this two-day, rigorous ethics boot camp, students will:

  • Evaluate and begin to seriously incorporate ethical frameworks into their lives.
  • Evaluate the idea that people have moral compasses that actually move.
  • Meet and be monitored by BELS faculty and prominent business leaders.
  • Discuss and analyze ethical issues among their professors, peers and community.
  • Analyze and synthesize opinions from experienced members of the business community.
  • Meet and get to know each other outside of their classroom environment.
  • Attend with a cohort of approximately 30 students.

The camp includes:

  • Three keynotes and seven breakout sections—15 faculty members and 70 presentations.
  • Student leadership opportunity, lunch discussions with cohorts and student leaders.
  • A volunteer component with Goodwill Industries—students must volunteer five hours by close of Fall quarter.
  • A comedy event.

Gateway to Business


Gateway to Business is one of the very first courses pre-business students take at the University of Denver and a required component to applying to Daniels. In addition to providing the foundational knowledge to succeed in business, one of the primary purposes of this course is to help students recognize the importance of— and need for—blending a strong liberal arts background of writing, history, analytical thought and interdisciplinary collaboration with a solid business education.

Real-Time Business Experience

In this first-of-its-kind course, first-year students are thrown into the sea of business with only their curiosity, inherent knowledge, team and professor as life preservers. This is a sink-or-swim class. Over the course of 10 weeks, students with no prior business knowledge are put into teams to learn fundamentals of business by writing a business plan— all while designing a real, live app.

Madden Challenge

Students have an opportunity to present in teams in front of angel investors at the end of the quarter. The winning app idea is funded through a gift from the Madden Family to support the Madden Challenge. Every app becomes the property of the student teams—and so do the profits, should the app take off.

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Daniels Professional Development Program


Learning Beyond the Classroom

Becoming a leader in the business world requires an understanding beyond the classroom. To achieve success, professionals need to fine tune leadership skills, ethical development and business communication.

The Daniels Professional Development Program is a required component of the Daniels Core Curriculum with the purpose of ensuring that all students have the opportunity to learn outside of traditional coursework. Engage in experiential-based learning activities that are designed to contribute to your success.

Checkpoint 1 Requirements:

  • Résumé (to be uploaded to Pioneer Careers and run through VMock Software—covered in INFO 1020)
  • Cover Letter (to be uploaded to Pioneer Careers—covered in INFO 1020)
  • Attend at least on Major-Specific Workshop
  • Attend two Career Services Workshops*

Checkpoint 2 Requirements:

  • Mock Interview
  • Attend at least one Career Fair
  • LinkedIn Profile (to be approved by Career Advisor)
  • Attend two Career Services Workshops*
*Participation in either the LEAD Mentor Program or Job Shadow programs will waive the requirement for one Career Services Workshop.
  • Dress Code
  • Case Interviewing
  • Salary Negotiation
  • Etiquette Dinner
  • How to Search for a Job/Internship
  • Networking
  • More to Come
Offered Winter and Spring Quaters Only
  • Detail different career paths for each major
  • Highlight different courses or concentrations/tracks within a major
  • Led by a Career Services staff member along with a faculty member and alum and/or industry specific professional
Attendance is strongly encouraged, but not required as part of the Daniels Professional Development Program
  • Advertising/Marketing
  • Consulting
  • Healthcare
  • Investment Banking
  • More to Come

Job Shadow Program

The Daniels Undergraduate Job Shadow program allows students to observe and explore a company or industry for their personal interest.

  • Discover what professionals experience during a typical workday
  • Explore career path options
  • Timeframe is one day to two weeks over winter break

Lead Mentor Program (formally Mentor Match)

The Daniels Undergraduate LEAD Program pairs business students with professionals in a similar field and/or career trajectory.

  • Protégés gain guidance and support from a professional in their industry of choice
  • Build communications with people in the business community
  • Clarify their own goals and potential future career path

Daniels Pioneer Peer to Peer Mentor Program


The Daniels Peer to Peer Mentor Program was created by Tyler Linnebur and several upperclassmen. The program is intended to partner first year students with an upperclassman who will offer advice on anything from how to study to where to find the best food in the area. The upperclassmen are there to be a friend and help alleviate the stress that all of us have experienced during our first year in college. You will not have a required amount of hours to meet with each other, but are encouraged to keep open communication throughout the year.

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Student Life


Daniels College of Business students learn together and play together in an environment full of abundant activities and opportunities. Whether it’s getting involved in a student organization or joining a ski trip to the mountains, you’ll meet people and make friends from across the country and around the globe.

It’s an active and engaging community offering everything from top-notch academics to sports to performing arts. You’ll encounter new ideas, meet new people and face new challenges. In short, it’s the transformative college experience you’re looking for.

Student Resources & Support


The support we provide students is every bit as important as our world-class facilities and ideal setting in Denver. College life can be challenging, and we want to make sure you succeed in meeting those challenges.

Support services include:

Discoveries orientation: New students go through a week-long orientation program to help them make the best possible start to their DU experience.

One-on-one academic advising and career planning: Throughout your time at Daniels, you’ll receive personal attention to make sure you not only stay on track, but also excel.

Technology: DU is set up for how students learn today—online and unwired. It offers a gigabit Ethernet campus backbone, a 15 MB/sec Internet link, virtual private networks, lots of computer labs and wireless access locations all over campus.

Disability programs: Students with learning and other disabilities are given the support they need to succeed.

Diversity programs: The Center for Multicultural Excellence works with faculty, staff and students on issues of campus culture, recruitment and success of diverse groups at DU.

Honors Program


The Daniels Distinction Honors Program recognizes and fosters the talents of high-performing undergraduate students pursuing a business degree. Students selected to participate in the program attend small, intense classes with advanced coursework.

Learn more about the DU Honors program.

Any Daniels undergraduate student may apply for the honors program. A small number of incoming freshmen are invited to participate based on their GPA, test scores, essays and interviews from the admissions process. Other students may be invited to participate based on their performance at Daniels.

Mission Statement: The University of Denver’s Honors Program fosters an intellectually engaged and vibrant community of students, staff, and faculty. It promotes a distinctive broad and liberal arts education that challenges students to cultivate depth in critical and creative thought, and facilitates students’ original contributions to intellectual life, their community, and their chosen field.


Contact McKenzie Mohler, Academic and Program Counselor, 303.871.3047, for all Daniels Distinction questions.

Study Abroad


The University of Denver (DU) and the Daniels College of Business value the academic and cultural value of international experiences. In fact, more than 70 percent of DU undergraduates spend a quarter or longer studying abroad.

The numerous opportunities to study abroad include:

  • Cherrington Global Scholars Program allows eligible student to study abroad at no additional cost beyond that of a term at DU apart from personal expenses such as local transportation, books and optional excursions.
  • More than 150 DU programs allow students to study abroad for a quarter, semester or academic year. Most of the programs are eligible for the Cherrington Global Scholarship.
  • Short-term faculty-led programs that are not part of Cherrington, including International Service Learning programs.
  • Non-DU study-abroad programs that fit a student’s academic objectives, available on an individually approved basis.

For more information, contact DU’s Study Abroad office at duabroad@du.edu.

Living & Learning Community Options


DU offers a unique residence experience called Living and Learning Communities (LLCs). These are among the most distinctive programs of their kind in the country.

Which LLC is right for you? Find out more below.

The combination of academics, residential experience and community engagement make LLCs unique.


LLCs are based on a theme. Every quarter, our students take seminar classes that relate to that theme. These classes are taught by DU professors, and credits from these courses can be applied to some majors or minors.


Students live on the same floor of the residence hall that hosts their LLC and take part in programs that enhance their coursework. Special dinners, speakers, cultural activities, retreats or field trips into Colorado’s great outdoors are just a few of the things our students do.

Community Engagement

What makes the LLCs unique is how our students, faculty and professional staff explore and apply course concepts in real-world community settings. Students deepen their understanding of the world and work to create healthy communities.

Learn more about which LLC is right for you.


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