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Students who wish to pursue a business major at the Daniels College of Business must first apply to and be accepted by the University of Denver. Then, in the fall of their sophomore year, students apply to Daniels through a secondary admission process.

This secondary admission process allows Daniels to continue to offer strong student-faculty interactions, relatively small classes and the academic quality for which we’re known by limiting admittance to high-achieving and motivated students.

A small number of exceptional students may be granted direct admission to Daniels when accepted to the University of Denver, but most students are required to follow the secondary admission process.

University of Denver Admission

The University of Denver Office of Admissions handles all applications for undergraduate students:

Secondary Admission Process

The Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver requires a secondary admission process for students interested in pursuing a business major. Most students will be eligible to apply in the fall quarter of their sophomore year; however, in order to allow flexibility, application cycles are offered in the fall, winter and spring quarters. Students should check with a Daniels advisor to ensure appropriate timing of their application.

Admission Criteria

Daniels conducts a “whole-person” assessment of each applicant by evaluating academic performance, community engagement, personal character, future potential and overall well-roundedness. While there is no specific GPA threshold, previously accepted students had an average GPA of 3.3.  Since students are evaluated on a comprehensive set of factors, GPA alone does not guarantee or preclude a student from admission.

If a student is denied admission to Daniels for not meeting the expected academic standards or if found responsible for academic misconduct by the DU Conduct Review Board, the student may reapply one time.

  • Students denied for not meeting academic standards may reapply only when there have been significant improvements in their credentials and academic achievement. Daniels advisors will work on an ongoing basis with students who are not admitted in order to provide guidance on improving their academic profile and to ascertain when a significant improvement has been made.
  • Students denied for academic misconduct reasons may reapply during the next secondary admission cycle. Students should work with their Daniels advisor throughout the process.
  • For assistance with selecting majors outside of Business, please contact the Center for Academic and Career Development at or 303.871.2455.

How to Apply

Applicants must submit the following materials:

  1. Daniels College of Business Secondary Admission Application: Complete an online application to the Daniels College of Business on the Student & Financial Aid tab in MyWeb. Application deadlines are the second week of each quarter. There is no fee for this application.
  2. Cover Letter and Professional Résumé: The cover letter should describe your interest in business, choice of major and career focus as well as your involvement with the DU community. Your professional résumé should detail your work and educational experience. Taylor Family Undergraduate Career Center has a number of services available to assist with the design and development of résumés and cover letters.
  3. On-campus Professional Interview: The interview is an essential part of our “whole-person” assessment of applicants. We encourage you to hone your interviewing skills through interviewing workshops and mock interviews with career advisors.

Application Requirements

In order to be eligible for admission, you must have completed the following:

  1. Prerequisite Coursework
    • FSEM 1111: First-Year Seminar
    • WRIT 1122: Academic Writing
    • WRIT 1133: Writing and Research
    • Math 1200: Business Calculus or MATH 1951: Calculus I
    • ECON 1020: Introduction to Micro-and Macroeconomics I
    • BUS 1000: Gateway to Business
    • INFO 1010: Analytics I: Data Management and Analysis
    • INFO 1020: Analytics II: Business Statistics and Analysis
  2. Microsoft Office Specialist Certification:
    • Excel 2013
    • Word 2013
    • PowerPoint 2013
  3. Obtain Sophomore standing (45 credits)
  4. Attend a Secondary Admission information session before you apply:
    • Refer to Daniels Undergraduate Programs Canvas page for more information.
  5. Prepare a professional business cover letter and résumé:
    • Schedule a meeting with a Daniels career advisor to review materials, via Student tab on PioneerWeb.
  6. Submit online application
  7. Complete admission interview

For detailed information on the secondary admission process, including upcoming deadlines, please review the secondary admission handbook.

Secondary Admission Handbook

 Transfer Student Admission

Transfer students may be reviewed simultaneously for admission to Daniels College of Business when applying to the University of Denver. Transfer students who meet the admission requirements for both DU and Daniels are directly admitted to Daniels and declare a business major upon enrollment.

Transfer students must complete the following to be reviewed for direct admission to Daniels:

  1. Undergraduate Application: Apply online with the Common Application or Pioneer Application.
  2. Academic Transcripts: Submit one transcript from each higher-education institution you attended in officially sealed envelopes. Documents that arrive in opened envelopes will not be considered official. To be competitive for direct admission, applicants should have a GPA of 3.3 or above.
  3. Professional Résumé: Include a professional résumé that focuses on your unique strengths and accomplishments. Résumés should be sent to the Office of Undergraduate Admission.
  4. Prerequisite Coursework: In order to be considered for simultaneous admission to DU and Daniels, students should have completed coursework in the following subject areas with grades of C or higher prior to transferring:
    • Calculus
    • Statistics
    • Macro and Micro Economics
    • Writing

If the minimum requirements (e.g., requisite coursework, minimum GPA, etc.) have not been met at the time of application, students will still be considered for admission to DU but will be required to complete the secondary admission process for Daniels after enrolling in the University. Students who are not granted direct admission will work with Daniels advisors to develop an academic plan and determine the appropriate timeline for applying.

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