At the Daniels College of Business, our goal is to prepare you for a lifetime of personal and professional success.

That’s an extraordinary promise. And we’ve assembled extraordinary resources—an innovative curriculum, world-class facilities and a business-savvy faculty—to deliver on it.

We offer business majors and minors that span the spectrum of business disciplines. All feature rigorous coursework and hands-on experiences that are continually updated to reflect current business practices. But, that’s only part of the equation. We also seek to develop your ethical compass, life skills and professionalism so you’re ready to make a positive difference in your career, community and beyond.

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Hands-on Learning

Learning at Daniels gets you out of the classroom and into the field. You’ll interact with business leaders, solve real business problems and apply your skills and knowledge when the stakes are real.

Gain real-world experience

  • Consulting projects: Corporate partners “hire” a team of students to analyze a business issue and make comprehensive recommendations.
  • Marsico Investment Center: Students use the same investment technology and tools as professional portfolio managers to manage part of the University of Denver’s endowment fund.
  • Event management: Students in our hotel, restaurant and tourism management program plan and orchestrate large-scale events at our Conference and Event Center. See our students in action»

Interact with business experts and leaders

  • Executive and Alumni Mentoring: Explore and pursue career opportunities with an executive and/or alumni mentor in your field of interest. Learn more
  • Voices of Experience: Dynamic discussions with business leaders on the challenges and opportunities in today’s business world. Learn more

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Ethics & Integrity


Business ethics and academic integrity are not just buzz words at Daniels. They influence every aspect of the Daniels experience from courses that tackle real-world business dilemmas to professors who challenge you to consider the ethical implications of your choices to fellow students who give back through community service projects.

Leading the way for two decades.

With the support of our namesake, cable television pioneer and philanthropist, Bill Daniels, we were one of the first business colleges to make business ethics part of the core curriculum. We’ve been leaders in teaching business ethics—our faculty members are recognized worldwide as experts—for more than two decades. We believe it is our responsibility to produce graduates who will manage and lead with integrity.

An advantage with prospective employers.

Employers recognize that Daniels graduates are uniquely prepared to navigate complex business situations. Our graduates have both the business know-how and the ethical bearings to make smart and sustainable business decisions. They know that just one unethical decision or careless act can ruin a company’s long-standing reputation, let alone their own. It’s no wonder that employers seek out our graduates.

We expect the best from you.

Ethics don’t just apply to business, of course. We have equally high standards for the ethical conduct of the entire Daniels community of students, faculty and staff. All incoming undergraduates take the University of Denver Honor Code pledging to uphold the principles of truth and honesty in academics. The Student Conduct Policies further defines the values that distinguish DU and Daniels: civility, community, integrity and responsibility. Our students tell us that this focus on ethics and integrity creates a learning environment that is open and honest—and prepares them well for the challenges ahead.

Global Emphasis

Daniels College of Business opens up the world to our students. From the classroom to around the globe, we’ve developed a wide array of international learning experiences that will open your mind, enhance your cross-cultural skills and prepare you to navigate globalization issues with confidence and integrity.

A global perspective is required.

All Daniels undergraduates are required to have an international education experience. Students can fulfill this requirement by taking an international business course, studying abroad or participating in an international internship.

We don’t stop there. The exploration of global issues is integrated throughout our core business curricula—everything from the nuts and bolts of international finance to sustainable development in emerging economies.

International Business Major

This interdisciplinary major encompasses business fundamentals, international law and policy and cultural awareness. The major has a foreign language requirement, and courses are taken at both Daniels and DU’s Korbel School of International Studies.

Study Abroad

Our students are encouraged to expand their academic and cultural horizons by studying abroad. More than two-thirds of Daniels undergraduate students spend a quarter or longer studying abroad. Options include:

  • Cherrington Global Scholars Program allows eligible students to study abroad at no additional cost beyond that of a term at DU apart from personal expenses such as local transportation, books and optional excursions.
  • More than 150 DU Programs allow students to study abroad for a quarter, semester or academic year. Most of the programs are eligible for the Cherrington Global Scholarship.
  • Short-term, faculty-led programs that are not part of Cherrington, including International Service Learning programs.
  • Non-DU study-abroad programs that fit a student’s academic objectives, available on an individually approved basis.

Technical Expertise

At Daniels, your business education is comprehensive and complete. An essential part is learning the tools of the trade—the technical expertise demanded by business today.

Through coursework, simulations, case studies and in-the-field experiences, you’ll become fluent in business terminology and you’ll master the technology and methodologies used in a variety of business disciplines. Key business functions you’ll learn include analyzing financial statements, conducting market research and developing strategic business plans.

Microsoft Office Requirement

Microsoft Office is widely used in the business world, and your mastery of it will help you better analyze data, model various business situations and create persuasive presentations. To demonstrate mastery of Microsoft Office applications, all Daniels undergraduates must pass the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) exam.

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