Combine an MS in Finance with another Daniels Degree.

Every finance degree path builds on the Daniels College of Business rigorous foundation of technical skills and values-based leadership grounded in effective communication, teamwork and ethics. Graduate students pursuing a master of science in finance at Daniels have the opportunity to earn two master-level degrees simultaneously.

MS Finance + MBA Degree

Earn a dual degree with a master's of science in finance and an MBA or IMBA to give a greater depth and breadth of business knowledge. 

MSF + MBA Degree Plan

MS Finance + Master's in a Specific Business Discipline

Combine two master's degrees that meet your career goals and aspirations. 

MSF + MAcc (Accountancy) Degree Plan
MSF + MS Business Analytics Degree Plan 
MSF + MS Management Degree Plan
MSF + MS Marketing Degree Plan
MSF + MS Real Estate and Construction Management Degree Plan

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