Combine a Master’s of Accountancy with another Daniels Degree.

The Master of Accountancy (MAcc) program at the Daniels School of Accountancy provides rigorous training in both accounting fundamentals and the latest practices and technologies, preparing you for a rewarding career. Take the MAcc degree to the next level–simultaneously earn two master-level degrees.

MAcc + MBA Degree

If you're interested in expanding your studies beyond a master of accountancy, you might want to consider pursuing a dual degree that combines a master of accountancy with an MBA or IMBA. This will give you a greater depth and breadth of business knowledge while still allowing you to specialize in accounting practices.

MAcc + Master's in a Specific Business Discipline

Combine two master's degrees to meet your career interests and aspirations.

BSAcc + MAcc Degree Requirements

Undergraduates can earn their BSAcc and MAcc in five years.

Master of Taxation

This one-year program from the University of Denver Sturm College of Law is open to both accounting and law students.

For more information, please contact a graduate admissions manager.

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