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Whether you’re looking to enhance your business acumen or improve your leadership skills, Daniels Executive Education has a business education program for you. All classes are designed to boost performance through relevant coursework and hands-on learning opportunities.

Public Programs can be taken for graduate-level credit or not-for-credit.

Earn your Daniels Certificate: Customize an educational experience that meets your professional goals. Combine credits from Public Programs with Graduate Business Certificate courses (16 credit hours).

Becoming A Visual Organization: The Power of Data Storytelling

Data yearns to be free, to tell its stories to all those who care about its revelations. Discovering and sharing those stories should be easy. But it’s not. Why? Most software intended to help people access and understand data is hard to use. For too long, data has been trapped behind scripts, wizards and code. That can change! When a company gives people self-service analysis tools, they feel different. Respected. Capable. Powerful. People start to drive their organization forward in ways that could never have been anticipated. They express their full ingenuity and creativity. This workshop will empower you to transform swaths of raw data into visually compelling stories, driving your business forward.

Learning Objectives

  • Know thy data: Become proactive in understanding and maximizing your business data
  • Find the needle in a haystack: Learn how new data processing techniques provide valuable opportunities to discover strategic insights and hidden relationships in structured and un-structured data
  • Tell your story with (real) data: Gain confidence in collecting, shaping and modeling the data that counts—through the wonders of Data Visualization.

Workshop Dates:

  • December 1: 8:30 a.m.–3:30 p.m.
  • December 2: 8:30 a.m. – Noon 

Non-Credit: $750 | For-Credit (1): $1,258 
Discounts for Non-Credit option available, see registration page for more details. 


Contact Ben Gerig with any questions. 


Decision Making with Integrity

Our Decision Making with Integrity workshop is designed to help you decide what to do in situations where you’re not sure about the right response or course of action. It will also help you think through situations where you know what to do and aren’t sure how to do it.

“Live your life so that you can leave it with a clear conscience and a smile on your face.” Bill Daniels

Workshop Dates:

  • Being rescheduled – please contact for updated date information.

Denver Leadership Experience

The Denver Leadership Experience is a 5-day transformational leadership workshop for experienced professionals. Developed from the Daniels Leadership Model, this program delivers timely, relevant and innovative leadership essentials for our ever-changing, increasingly complex business world.

December 5 – 9, 2016 at the University of Denver campus.

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Denver Leadership Experience Webinar 

Wednesday, October 19, 10am MST


Emerging Leaders Program

The Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) is designed to help newer managers develop into effective leaders. With topics such as emotional intelligence, interpersonal communication, and conflict management, ELP strengthens the necessary skills to make an impact in your organization.

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Finance for Non-Financial Managers 

Measuring the success of a company means understanding its financial performance. Period. We all need a basic financial understanding and a fundamental vocabulary to map our work to what matters most in business. This three-day workshop introduces the basics of finance and accounting, so you have the language, tools, and techniques to understand the intricacies of managerial finance and strategy. 

Learning Objectives

  • Understand key finance terms including assets, liabilities, depreciation and capitalization
  • Learn the tenets of the accounting process
  • Analyze financial statements (Income, P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow)
  • Examine assets and liabilities and learn the basics of financial decision making
  • Understand the cost of capital and cash flow models to interpret company finances
  • Effectively communicate how your job contributes to the bottom line

*The online Harvard Manager Mentor- Accounting/Finance Module will be provided to students prior to the course as prep material. 

 Workshop Dates:

2017 Dates Coming Soon

Non-Credit: $1,500 | For-Credit (2): $2,516 

Discounts for Non-Credit option available, see registration page for more details. 


High Performance Leadership

By combining leadership development with core business topics such as finance, marketing and strategy, High Performance Leadership will transform the way you lead and improve the performance of your organization as a result.

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Innovation & Design Thinking

On July 22nd, Daniels Executive Education drank our own Kool-Aid and conducted a design thinking dialogue in order to redesign our Innovation and Design Thinking workshop – if we don’t innovate…how can we expect you to? Some of the key things we distilled from the volumes of observations, insights and ideas from this session include:

  • Safety and trust are enablers of innovation.
  • People want to be a part of something bigger.
  • When innovating, people need clear, transparent understanding of the value, purpose and process they will embark on.
  • People need to just get started, iterate and also like to be part of completion.
  • The Mindset for innovators is fun, playful, passionate AND challenging, confrontational, and embraces failure.
  • Innovation is better when diverse groups of people are involved – age, industry, perspective, experience, learning style.

From this – we have decided to prototype a workshop this fall where we incorporate as many of these elements as possible. So – we will be creating a safe place, using a real community challenge, providing a clear purpose and roadmap for work to be done prior, during, and after the workshop and will be doing everything we can to bring a diverse group of people together. In order to accomplish this, we’d like to split the 3 day workshop into 2 sessions so we can better accomplish the task at hand.

Learning Objectives

This is where we start…everyone seems to be experiencing disruptive change in some way in their organization. There will be no “back to normal” after we experience all of this change. Organizations – and the individuals who lead them – need simple, repeatable, proven methodologies to transform ideas into value so they can continue to compete and thrive. While we are not 100% sure what our program will be, we’re thinking it will:

  • Expose you to the latest thinking on how innovation actually happens;
  • Be an environment where your creativity will be unleashed and then funneled into productivity – aka you’ll leave with an at least partially baked strategy/experiment/product/service;
  • Be guided by IDEO’s Design Thinking process and therefore cultivate your powers of empathy and observation, learn to tell stories, develop insights, synthesize possibilities, BRAINSTORM, make sketches and prototypes, test and test some more, and capture, organize and communicate the story that will ultimately make “the new thing” happen;
  • Provide tools and practices for maintaining your resilience as you work to turn idea into reality

So – between now and let’s say…October 5thlet us know what you think this program needs to include so we can help you be the next rock star/problem solver/growth accelerator at your organization.

Workshop Dates:

Non-Credit: $1,500 | For-Credit (2): $2,516 

Discounts for Non-Credit option available, see registration page for more details. 

Contact Kelsey Johnson with any questions. 

Insights Discovery

Insights Discovery uses a simple four color model to understand an individual’s unique preferences. By completing a short online evaluation, each individual will receive a comprehensive report which identifies strengths and possible areas for development. This course includes the online evaluation, report, and half-day classroom session to help you understand your results.

The Insights Discovery System will help you:

  • Understand your unique personality
  • Develop your interpersonal skills
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Create better personal and professional relationships

Workshop Date:

December 2: 9 a.m. – Noon

Non-Credit: $250  

Discounts available, see registration page for more details.


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Power & Negotiation for Women

We want to make sure our ideas are heard. We need to close the wage gap. We perform and produce amazing results and face greater and greater barriers to advancement. We need the tools, skills and some practice with a supportive group of brilliant people.

Be a part of this group during a two day workshop of women from various industries and in various stages of their career. You will learn from some of the best faculty, negotiation experts, and a few of the rock star women in our network. This workshop will explore the complex psychological, environmental, and political landscape that women need to manage in order thrive. You will leave with a solid game plan and support network. We also realize that you are not able to authentically use your power and be confident in a negotiation if you are tired, overwhelmed, and stressed, so you will also learn and practice various ways to manage your energy and maintain resilience.

Learning Objectives 

  • Identify your core sources of power and influence and how they impact people differently
  • Understand the leverage you have and how to use it in ethical ways
  • Obtain methods for creating vs. claiming your value and worth
  • Establish a repeatable preparation process for negotiating that will help eliminate fear and anxiety
  • Achieve consistent and successful outcomes when negotiating
  • Realize the importance of social capital and how to energize your network
  • Learn the facts behind gender bias and specific ways women can create more opportunities for themselves and their colleagues
  • Learn the value of increasing your EQ and practice mindfulness, how to manage your energy, and boost your resilience

Workshop Dates:

  • November 3: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
  • November 4: 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Non-Credit: $1,000 | For-Credit (1): $1,258 

Discounts for Non-Credit option available, see registration page for more details. 


Contact Kelsey Johnson with any questions.

SHRM-CP & SHRM-SCP Exam Prep Course

Earn the New Standard in HR Certification.

This is an exciting and pivotal time in the HR profession. Now, more than ever, HR teams are required to assume a greater leadership role, contributing to the strategic direction of their organization. The HR profession is no longer just about what you know–but how you do your job.

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