Our graduate student ambassadors are happy to share with you their personal experiences about Daniels and Denver. Feel free to email an ambassador from a program of your interest with your questions or to arrange a time to come to the beautiful University of Denver campus for coffee/tea with an ambassador. For general admissions questions please contact daniels@du.edu.

Ambassador Mission

The Daniels Graduate Student Ambassador Program is committed to positively representing the Daniels College of Business by creating a welcoming environment for prospective students. Our Ambassadors seek to enthusiastically share student life insights and their personal learning experiences.


Traditional Programs

Abdullah Alhossini
Abdullah Alhossini Master of Accountancy Candidate

Abdullah Alhossini—Master of Accountancy Candidate

Why Daniels? Daniels is one of the few schools in the world that has an accounting and business accreditation from AACSB. It provides the perfect environment, including modules, teaching, assessment, facilities and equipment. Furthermore, the University of Denver is home to some of the finest academic lecturers that have excelled in their careers, and it would be a great opportunity to collaborate with and learn from them.

Undergraduate Institution:
King Saud University, Bachelor’s degree in Accounting

Hometown: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Hobbies: I like sports. Soccer, tennis, and ping-pong are my favorite!

Bucket List Item: Travel around the world

Fun Fact: If you see me in the hallway and I do not say hi, you probably saw my twin brother. It’s fine. Go and introduce yourself! He is friendly too!

Post Grad School Goal: I hold a very keen interest in enhancing my qualifications with a PhD in Management Accounting.

Paige Conklin
Paige Conklin MBA Candidate

Paige Conklin—MBA Candidate

Why Daniels?
I chose Daniels for three reasons. First off, when I was working for a non-profit organization writing grants I applied to the Daniels Fund and I was inspired by Bill Daniels' emphasis on ethics and leadership in business. I wasn't ready to apply for an MBA program then, but when I was ready I knew I wanted to pursue my education at Daniels—at an institution that valued ethics in business. The second reason I chose Daniels was because I saw a lot of opportunity in Denver. I wanted to live in and contribute to a growing, vibrant city. Lastly, I want to work in the renewable energy industry and Denver and Daniels offer lots of opportunities within this field.

Undergraduate Institution:
Colorado College, Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Government, 2012

Hometown: Millbrook, NY

Hobbies: Yoga, running, and skiing

Bucket List Item:
I'd like to rescue and work with orphaned elephants at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Sanctuary in Africa.

Fun Fact: I have a rescue dog, named Baxter. He is a "Schnoodle."

Post Grad School Goal: I plan to market renewable energy products and services.

Taylor Gombar
Taylor Gombar MS Marketing Candidate

Taylor Gombar—MS Marketing Candidate

Why Daniels?
I choose the Daniels College of Business due to the school's endorsed values of ethical leadership, sustainability, and positive global impact. I aspired to grow my understanding of marketing practices within a university that fostered values to which aligned with my own. As a graduate scholar I desired to fill the gap between my acquired knowledge of sampling and my unfamiliarity with statistical data mining. The MS in Marketing program at Daniels coupled data science with theoretical frameworks. The program's flexible structure enabled graduates to pursue various disciplines in marketing (digital marketing, IMC, etc.) whilst gaining deep content in a single focus of choice.

Undergraduate Institution:
Chatham University, Bachelor of Arts in Marketing, Management, and Graphic Design, 2015

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

I enjoy dabbling with photography and digital abstraction design using my Canon and GoPro. I am also an avid outdoors woman who enjoys kayaking, hiking, and skiing. You may catch me on the weekends at farmers markets, thrift stores, or at indie bookstores.

Bucket List Item:
I believe it would be an honor to be a featured artist within a downtown gallery show.

Fun Fact: In 2013, I lived in a chic loft in downtown Shanghai, China.

Post Grad School Goal:
I aspire to obtain a VP of Brand Marketing & Operations position within the corporate retail industry- utilizing marketing strategy to build productive relationships with value chain stakeholders.

Yashu Gou
Yashu Gou Master of Accountancy Candidate

Yashu Gou—Master of Accountancy Candidate

Why Daniels?
I chose Daniels because it can offer me better job opportunities. As one of the fastest growing medium cities in the U.S., Denver has an increasing population. Start-ups are rising and current firms are expanding. In addition, a variety of job fields are available in real estate, financial services, healthcare, oil and gas, mining, telecommunication, accounting, and much more. Daniels has the ability to supply more talents to this growing business environment.

Undergraduate Institution:
University of Iowa, Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and Finance, 2015

Hometown: Chengdu, China

Hobbies: Hiking

Bucket List Item: Music

Fun Fact: I played violin since I was 8 years old.

Post Grad School Goal: Work full-time in assurance filed.

Billy Hasse
Billy Hasse MBA Candidate

Billy Hasse—Denver MBA Candidate

Why Daniels? I chose Daniels for its small class sizes, city setting and strong Real Estate & Construction Management program, in which I plan to concentrate. The abundance of activities to do here in the Denver area also provided motivation for me to pursue my MBA at Daniels.

Undergraduate Institution:
Purdue University, Bachelor of Science in Building Construction Management with a minor in Organizational Leadership & Supervision, 2012

Hometown: Munster, IN

Hobbies: Skiing, hiking, playing sports, running, cycling, traveling, boating, hunting, and watching the Chicago Cubs

Bucket List Item: Complete a triathlon

Fun Fact: Was a walk-on kicker for the Purdue football team

Post Grad School Goal: Own a construction and real estate development company

Karen Huang
Karen Huang MS Business Analytics Candidate

Karen Huang—MS Business AnalyticsCandidate

Why Daniels? I graduated with my bachelor’s degree from the University of Denver (DU) in 2014. I loved DU and Denver so much that I decided to come back for my graduate degree!

Undergraduate Institution:
University of Denver | Daniels College of Business | Bachelor of Science in Business Administration | Finance and Marketing |2014

Hometown: Shanghai, China

Hobbies: Snowboarding, fashion, concerts, traveling and studying different cultures

Bucket List Item: I want to live in Florence, Italy for 6-12 months so that I can learn about the local culture and see all the amazing renaissance art.

Fun Fact: I am a huge foodie and my favorite coffee brands are Kona and Blue Mountain.

Post Grad School Goal: I want to pursue a career in marketing research for an international company.

Nathaniel Lewis
Nathaniel Lewis MBA Candidate

Nathaniel Lewis—MBA Candidate

Why Daniels?
In choosing a business school, I was worried that I would find myself in a place that only seemed concerned about the bottom line and that focused on profits before people. Coming from a healthcare background, in my mind people are always first. The Daniels commitment to ethics and social responsibility really spoke to me. The emphasis Daniels places on these values made it very compatible not only with my educational goals, but my goals as a human being.

Undergraduate Institution:
Colorado State University, Bachelor of Science in Psychology, 2010

Hometown: Denver, CO

Hobbies: Reading, writing and exercising

Bucket List Item: Travel Europe

Fun Fact:
At the age of 17 I took second place in a contest to build a catapult and launch a pumpkin!

Post Grad School Goal:
I'd love to be able to support medical practitioners so they can do their jobs as effectively as possible.

Marie Mason
Marie Mason MS Marketing Candidate

Marie Mason—MS Marketing Candidate

Why Daniels?
I chose Daniels because I received a very personalized tour and a personal conversation with the Program Director of the Marketing department, Dr. Johnson. I also enjoyed hearing from real students during my visit to campus.

Undergraduate Institution: Rhodes College, Bachelor of Arts in Business and Commerce, International Concentration, 2013

Hometown: Oklahoma City, OK

Hobbies: Skiing, cooking and being outside

Bucket List Item: Go to all seven continents

Fun Fact: I have been skydiving and helicopter skiing.

Post Grad School Goal:
To begin a career in advertising or work within a corporation for strategic planning or brand management.

Adam Mikulis
Adam Mikulis Professional MBA Candidate

Adam Mikulis—Professional MBA Candidate

Why Daniels? Initially the ranking of "Most Innovative" MBA program drew me in, and when I read more about Daniels I loved that it has taught business ethics since the beginning. After visiting some classes, I was very impressed by the teachers and the motivation/passion of all of the students.

Undergraduate Institution:
United States Air Force Academy

Hometown: Columbia, MD

Hobbies: Stock market trading, photography, skydiving, rock climbing (indoor bouldering and outdoor sport climbing), backpacking and camping with my dog, skiing/snowboarding, guitar, going to concerts/plays/musicals, building computers/coding

Bucket List Item: Space

Fun Fact: I have been to 14 countries and 40 states

Post Grad School Goal: My goals are constantly changing, but currently they are to start my own business, get a second master's degree (MS Applied Quantitative Finance), and become an adjunct professor at DU.

Gianna Ricotta
Gianna Ricotta Professional MBA Candidate

Gianna Ricotta—Professional MBA Candidate

Why Daniels? I pursued a minor in Business and Economics during undergrad and always planned to explore that area more with an MBA. After a few years working in the field in Texas, I decided I wanted to head back to Colorado for my MBA. I originally applied to the University of Denver because of Daniels’ reputation, but ultimately chose the school because of the cohort system and commitment to values-based leadership.

Undergraduate Institution:
Colorado School of Mines, Bachelor of Science in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, 2011

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO

Hobbies: Crossfit, snowboarding, brewing and volleyball

Bucket List Item: : Go to New Zealand to do the Middle Earth Tour, and go to London to tour the Warner Bros. Harry Potter set

Fun Fact: I played varsity volleyball at the Colorado School of Mines, and I worked on an oil and gas offshore production platform

Post Grad School Goal: I want to move into a product line management role where I would oversee projects from R&D to field implementation and connect innovative technology with real world business solutions.

Rob Roybal
Rob Roybal MBA Candidate

Rob Roybal—MBA Candidate

Why Daniels?
Daniels was an ideal fit for me for a number of reasons. The challenging curriculum and strength of the programs at Daniels drew me to the College. The city of Denver was also a natural choice for me, as I am finally home, but Denver is a great choice…for anyone. Being in a business program in such a vibrant and flourishing city is hugely advantageous.

Undergraduate Institution:
Loyola University Chicago, BA in Political Science

Hometown:Denver, CO

Hobbies:Live music, snowboarding, wakeboarding, museums

Bucket List Item:
Visit all seven continents (Australia and Antarctica are the only two left) or see the northern lights.

Fun Fact: I taught myself how to play guitar, bass and piano.

Post Grad School Goal: I hope to find a position within the corporate finance world, right here in Denver.

Cassi Sattazahn
Cassi Sattazahn MS Management Candidate

Cassi Sattazahn—MS Management Candidate

Why Daniels?
As a Denver native, I was grew up knowing that the University of Denver had an excellent reputation. After some years of experience in the workforce, I found my interests lay in business and management. My dream school was Daniels and I am so thankful for the opportunity to work through this program to obtain my degree.

Undergraduate Institution:
College of Wooster, Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, 2007

Hometown: Denver, CO

Hobbies: Hiking, camping and traveling

Bucket List Item: I'd like to roadtrip to California and drive up the Pacific Coast Highway.

Fun Fact: Rocky Mountain National Park is my favorite place to hike.

Post Grad School Goal:
To bring value to an organization that works to serve others.

TJ Slattery
TJ Slattery MBA Candidate

TJ Slattery—MBA Candidate

Why Daniels?
There are a lot of reasons I chose to come to DU for grad school. Namely, Denver is my hometown and I am very glad to be planted firmly back in it. However, while I had a lot of options for schools in Colorado and around the country, Daniels had a different mentality about how to interact with your peers. While many university programs fostered the atmosphere of competing with your peers, Daniels encourages us to network with them. An infinitely more positive view on how MBAs should be orchestrated, and undoubtedly a much more useful tool in the workforce.

Undergraduate Institution:
Miami University of Ohio, Bachelor's in Interdisciplinary Business Management, with a focus on International Business, 2010

Hometown: Denver, CO

Guitar, beer, raising a puppy, gardening, snowboarding, horseback riding, and gun shooting.

Bucket List Item: Design my own beer recipe.

Fun Fact: I used to live in England.

Post Grad School Goal: Build a successful brewery.

Alyssa Teuber
Alyssa Teuber MS Marketing Candidate

Alyssa Teuber—MS Marketing Candidate

Why Daniels?
I chose Daniels for the small class sizes, location, courses they offer, and the amazing network base the alumni creates. They have impactful values of ethical leadership and sustainability. The professors and student body I met prior to enrolling really took an interest in me and my goals. The MS in Marketing program at Daniels is very flexible and allowed me to create a program to my desired interest. As a graduate student I am able to specialize in the digital and analytical world of marketing.

Undergraduate Institution:
Colorado State University, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Organizational and Innovative Management, 2012

Hometown: Rapid City, SD

I enjoy hot vinyasa yoga, hiking/14ers, running, cycling, snowshoeing, snowboarding, cooking, calligraphy, fashion blogging, and coding. On the weekends I love grabbing coffee at a unique coffee shop and walking the farmers market.

Bucket List Item: Compete in a triathlon.

Fun Fact: I studied abroad in London and Paris.

Post Grad School Goal: To obtain a position in Digital Marketing Analytics.

Kenton Thornton
Kenton Thornton MBA Candidate

Kenton Thornton—MBA Candidate

Why Daniels?
I chose to attend the Daniels College of Business due to the stellar reputation of the University of Denver as well as the plethora of educational and professional opportunities that will further my academic enrichment as an emerging professional. My background in hospitality led me to become very familiar with the Fritz Knoebel School of Hospitality and the emphasis the school places on preparing its students for senior management positions within the competitive hospitality industry. As a former General Manager for a high volume, high profile restaurant, I sought admittance to program that would allow me to build on much of my previous success. In applying to Daniels I found faculty that helped me outline a curriculum that would balance my more recent career change in marketing, highlighting many transferable business skills that will be useful throughout the rest of my career.

Undergraduate Institution:
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, African American Studies, Marketing and Management, 2009

Hometown: Dallas, TX

Hobbies: Photography, fitness and culinary arts

Bucket List Item: Skydiving

Fun Fact: I was a Disc Jockey for a campus radio station in Undergrad.

Post Grad School Goal:
I would like to develop multinational brands within the Food and Beverage Industry.

Alexander Uhls
Alexander Uhls MBA Candidate

Alexander Uhls—MBA Candidate

Why Daniels?
Having worked for three years in Latin America I was looking for a program that had a reputable international focus. I was impressed by the various trips abroad and the globalization focus here at Daniels. Additionally, I felt that Daniels emphasized values-based leadership in a more authentic way than other programs. All this and my love for the outdoors and skiing made Daniels an easy choice!

Undergraduate Institution:
University of Colorado at Boulder, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Sociology with a minor in Spanish, 2011

Hometown: Boulder, CO

Hobbies: Skiing, hiking, playing baseball, drinking wine and traveling

Bucket List Item: Travel across Russia

Fun Fact:
Prior to the start of my MBA program, I spent three years working in Argentina.

Post Grad School Goal: I would like to start my own company.

Hope Wroblewski
Hope Wroblewski MBA Candidate

Hope Wroblewski—MBA Candidate

Why Daniels?
I chose Daniels because of its welcoming, energetic staff and faculty. The environment and culture of the school and student body seemed to be more geared towards teamwork, community and ethics. I love that everyone is working towards a common goal to improve ourselves, each other, and the world. It is a very different approach than I saw at other business schools during my interview and preview process.

Undergraduate Institution:
Boston University, Bachelors of Art in International Relations and Affairs, 2006

Hometown: San Jose, CA

Hobbies: Running, hiking, camping, and biking

Bucket List Item: Complete a triathlon

Fun Fact: I love making crème brûlée.

Post Grad School Goal:
As an army aviation officer, I am dedicated to solving veteran homelessness.

Shu Zhang
Shu Zhang Master of Accountancy Candidate

Shu Zhang—Master of Accountancy Candidate

Why Daniels? Daniels provides outstanding scholarship opportunities and career resources.

Undergraduate Institution:
Iowa State University

Hometown: Huzhou, Zhejiang, China

Hobbies: Hiking and traveling. I am also a foodie!

Bucket List Item: Experience and try everything I have not done before. Also, I would like to get my dream job in U.S.

Fun Fact: I would like to help more international students get involved at the University of Denver

Post Grad School Goal: Finish my MAcc program with high grades and get more job experience in Denver

Working Professionals Programs

Joe Akey
Joe Akey
Registered Associate, Morgan Stanley

Joe Akey—PMBA Cohort 16

Joe Akey was born and raised in Merrill, Wisconsin. Joe earned his BBA in Financial Markets, Finance at the University of Minnesota Duluth. While attending school, Joe also played on UMD's football squad, gaining two National Championships. He also worked for Wells Fargo & Company.

Following graduation, he moved to Los Angeles, California to work for Wells Fargo Business Banking. After gaining experience in LA, Joe accepted an offer with Morgan Stanley in Denver. He works for Morgan Stanley's Fixed Income Middle Markets Trading Group.

In his spare time, Joe enjoys being outdoors, camping, hiking and anything in the snow. Joe also volunteers for Big Brothers Big Sisters and SIFMA Foundation's InvestWrite.

Stacy Cason
Stacy Cason
Contractor, Greater Colorado Anesthesiology

Stacy Cason—EMBA Cohort 62

Originally from Louisiana, Stacy's first career was in healthcare for 13 years: BS in nursing, MS in anesthesiology. The EMBA is a change agent into a new career. She loves fashion and travel, is an avid cyclist and has competed in many triathlons including a full Ironman while in the EMBA program. Stacy lives in Denver with her golden retriever Max.

Mizraim Cordero
Mizraim Cordero
Director, Colorado Competitive Council (C3)

Mizraim Cordero—EMBA Cohort 63

Mizraim S. Cordero migrated to the United States the summer of 1989 from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. At the time, while still a minor, he resided with his parents in New York City. He attended Aviation High School in Queens, NY. Mizraim graduated from Lehman College of the City University of New York with a Bachelor of Arts with a concentration in Social Work and a minor in Sociology in June of 1998. In May of 1999 He then graduated from the New York University’s School of Social Work with a Master Degree in Clinical Social Work’s as an Advanced Standing student.

In the summer of 1998 he’d began his career in counseling at Catholic Charities Behavioral Health Services of the Archdiocese of New York in their Washington Heights/Inwood Clinic (while he continued his graduate studies). In his role as clinician Mizraim not only worked with individuals, he also developed his skills in working with community partners to meet the broader needs of his clients.

After 6 years of service in the Mental Health field he was offered a position as the Social Services Director at the Kingsbridge Heights Community Center (KHCC) Early Childhood Division in the Bronx, NY. In this capacity he managed all the social services within the division’s three programs; an Early Head Start serving seventy five pregnant mothers and children 0-3 years old; a Head Start program serving fifty two now ninety two children 3-5 years old; and a network of twenty licensed family childcare providers servicing over 300 preschool and school-age children and their families in the immediate Kingsbridge Heights community. In 2005 Mizraim graduated from the Columbia University Executive Business School’s Non-for-profit Management Program. In 2006 he was promoted to Department Director for Early Childhood at KHCC. In this role he was responsible for the administrative management the three early childhood programs.

In February of 2008 Mizraim relocated his family to the state of Colorado and accepted a position as the Administrator of the Adams County Head Start. In that role he oversaw all aspects of a program which serves four hundred and seventy children ages 3-5 year old and their families in five Adams County school districts.
Recruited by the then City Manager of Commerce City, in January of 2010 Mizraim was appointed to serve as the Intergovernmental Relations Manager. In this role Mizraim was the city’s chief lobbyist for local, regional, State and Federal legislative and advocacy issues. He was also in charge of community relations efforts and stakeholder engagement; and supervised the efforts to secure alternative funding sources for the city projects through grants.

In January of 2013 Mizraim became the Director of the Colorado Competitive Council which works to make Colorado one of the best places in the country to do business. C3 collaborates with other business groups to advocate for sound policies that encourage growth of key industries and attract more primary jobs to Colorado. This is a great fit for Mizraim because it allows him to use his background in government affairs and his passion for helping businesses and communities in Colorado thrive.

Kyle Dahm
Kyle Dahm
Assistant Program Director, AirLife Denver

Kyle Dahm—EMBA Cohort 63

Kyle Dahm is the Assistant Director of AirLife Denver, the Critical Care transport service for the HealthONE Hospital system. He received his B.S. in Nursing from the University of WI at Eau Claire. His career includes 20 years working in EMS/FIRE, Emergency Departments, ICUs and Flight Nursing.

Kelly Deao
Kelly Deao
Procurement Analyst, General Services Administration

Kelly Deao—PMBA Cohort 16

Born and raised in a small town in Central Pennsylvania, Kelly Deao attended Lycoming College in Williamsport, Pennsylvania where she graduated Cum Laude and was a member of a local sorority, Colleges Against Cancer and Relay for Life Co-Chair and various academic honor societies. After graduation she moved to Arlington, Virginia where she began working for the General Services Administration. During her time in the D.C. area, Kelly took MBA courses from a University where she realized a cohort structure was missing.

Kelly and her husband decided to move to Colorado in the fall of 2013 for work opportunities, sunshine and fresh powder. She wanted to build a network in her new city, challenge herself academically and most importantly, experience a cohort learning environment. Kelly quickly found that Daniels was just the place for her. Kelly is involved in her cohort social committee and is also a Daniels Scholar.

In her free time Kelly enjoys spending time with her family, skiing, traveling, watching college football and trying new restaurants.

Derek Duncan
Derek Duncan
Senior Business Intelligence Analyst, University of Denver

Derek Duncan—PMBA Cohort 14

Derek Duncan is Senior Business Intelligence Analyst at the University of Denver, where he partners with units across campus to incorporate analytics and data mining into the processes across the constituent life cycle. Prior to joining the staff of DU, he worked as a consultant advising the nation's top cultural and entertainment organizations on direct marketing and analytics. Derek earned his bachelor's degree in business marketing from the University of Montana and is now a Professional MBA candidate at the University of Denver.

He chose the DU program because of its strong ties to the Denver community, as well as a strong growing Business Analytics department.

In his free time Derek enjoys exploring the Colorado outdoors with his dog Diesel.

Erik Glenn
Erik Glenn
Deputy Director, Colorado Cattlemen's Agricultural Land Trust

Erik Glenn—EMBA Cohort 64

Erik is the Deputy Director of the Colorado Cattlemen's Agricultural Land Trust (CCALT), a non-profit conservation organization dedicated to conserving the places that make Colorado unique. Erik is primarily responsible for overseeing CCALT’s conservation strategies and transactions. Erik is a graduate of Colorado State University's Werner College of Natural Resources and the University of Denver's Sturm College of Law.

Nick Grimstad
Nick Grimstad
Sales Engineer, Eaton Corporation

Nick Grimstad—PMBA Cohort 14

Nick grew up in Oregon and graduated in 2010 from Oregon State University where he earned his bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering. Upon graduation, Nick was hired by Eaton Corporation as part of their Leadership Development Program. His career path brought Nick to Colorado and he is still working for Eaton as a Sales Engineer, primarily focused on new construction projects throughout the state of Colorado. Nick is an active member in many industry chapters and is invested in the growth of the construction marketing in Colorado.

During his free time, he likes to give back to his community through groups such as Sports Made Possible and the Ronald McDonald House.

Nick Harris
Nick Harris
Account Manager, 3M Company

Nick Harris—PMBA Cohort 15

Nick is from Hastings, Minnesota. He attended the University of St. Thomas and graduated with a finance major. While attending school, he was a two year captain for his college hockey team. Upon graduating and shortly thereafter, he was hired on by 3M Company as a Sales Representative. He was relocated to Colorado in 2009.

He decided to attend Daniels because of it's cohort structure, small class sizes, course content and overall reputation.

He now spends his free time with his wife Gina and two year old son Brody. He also enjoys playing softball, hockey, golf, fishing and spending time outdoors.

Christina Hunter
Christina Hunter
Admissions Counselor, University of Denver

Christina Hunter—PMBA Cohort 16

Born in New York City and raised in Seattle, Christina Hunter came to the University of Denver in 2007 to pursue her Bachelor of Arts degree. She majored in Sociology, minored in International Studies and was incredibly involved both on campus and in the community. During her undergraduate experience she pursued three internships, studied abroad in South Africa and volunteered through several organizations in the local Denver community. Upon graduating from DU she began working in Higher Education and Enrollment Management; she is currently an Admission Counselor in Undergraduate Admission at DU.

Pursuing an MBA hadn't crossed her mind as an undergraduate student, but through her professional work, she became acutely aware of the need for business acumen in all fields, including education. She is now an enthusiastic and active member of the PMBA program at Daniels where she enjoys the camaraderie of her cohort and the curricular emphasis on ethics and leadership.

Christina loves adventure; whether that entails taking a random road trip across the country or hopping on a plane to Africa. When she is not on campus or on the road, you will either find her curled up with a good book, practicing yoga, hiking in the Rocky Mountains, volunteering in the community or socializing with friends and family.

Angela Jantz
Angela Jantz
Registered Associate, Morgan Stanley

Angela Jantz—PMBA Cohort 14

Angela Jantz was born and raised in Northern Colorado. She attended the Monfort College of Business and earned her BS in Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance and a minor in Economics. Since graduation, Angela has held various roles in Private Wealth Management in Denver. She is an adventurer at heart and took 19 months off to explore the world, visiting 24 countries. Regions visited included Europe, Middle East, South Pacific, Asia and South East Asia.

Choosing Daniels for her MBA was an involved decision. While abroad, Angela developed new interests and hobbies. "The network of staff, students and alumni at Daniels allows me to explore new career opportunities for my future."

In her free time, Angela loves to travel internationally and enjoys all the outdoor activities Colorado has to offer.

Jennifer Larson
Jennifer Larson
Marketing Consultant

Jennifer Larson—EMBA Cohort 64

Jennifer Larson is a business and marketing professional experienced in leading start-up initiatives in the education and technology industries. Jennifer holds a BA in Mathematical Sciences from the University of California, Santa Barbara and is currently pursuing her MBA at the Daniels College of Business, University of Denver.

Greg Max
Greg Max
COO, Party Vapor

Greg Max—PMBA Cohort 15

Originally hailing from the Garden State, Greg Max came to the sunny Centennial State in 2000. Greg earned his undergraduate degree in Kinesiology and Integrative Physiology from the University of Colorado in Boulder. A current member of PMBA 15, he is leveraging his education and the university network to try his hand as an entrepreneur. Greg's startup will be called Collaborate Brewing and its mission is to drive collaboration and innovation in Colorado's craft beer industry.

Greg was drawn to the Professional MBA program at the University of Denver because of its reputation for academic excellence. As a developing entrepreneur, he was also eager to explore the robust alumni network to help him access the resources needed to build a successful business. Effectively drawing upon the expertise of his peers and professors, Greg is a regular face around the various professional offices of the university.

When he's not in class or conducting "competitive analysis" at local watering holes, Greg can be found exploring the expansive landscapes of Colorado. A boat builder and avid fisherman, Greg spends a lot of time boating and chasing trout on the local rivers. He also skis, hikes and bikes, but never all at once. If you're interested in learning more about how the university supports developing entrepreneurs, feel free to reach out to Greg.

Lacy Meisel
Lacy Meisel
Operations Specialist, Support One, Inc.

Lacy Meisel—PMBA Cohort 15

Lacy Meisel moved from the small town of Amelia Island, Florida to the big city of Denver, Colorado in the summer of 2010. With a bachelor's degree in Marketing from the University of Florida, Lacy developed a passion for business. Her array of experience from the banking industry to software and technology has created an excitement around business operations and how they are sustained. Lacy works for a small software company in Golden, Colorado as the Operations Specialist.

While researching business graduate schools, the Professional MBA at the University of Denver quickly became Lacy's first choice. With a program so focused on global studies, passionate professors and a cohort based program, Daniels was an easy choice. Lacy has found that the relationships she has formed with both students within her cohort and the professors will last a lifetime. She is already utilizing the knowledge and tools learned from classes back to work and making a positive impact on the business and her fellow associates.

When not focused on school or putting in time at the office, Lacy likes to spend her time mountain climbing, reading a good book or attending yoga classes. She has a great appreciation for corny jokes and all types of dancing. With the love for good food and people, she's excited to meet new people at many of the DU and Daniels hosted events.

Subbu Palaniappan
Subbu Palaniappan
Software Configuration Manager, ProBuild

Subbu Palaniappan—EMBA Cohort 64

Subbu is a Process Expert/Project Manager at ProBuild Holdings. He is responsible for defining, implementing and improving IT specific processes in ProBuild, and has expertise in Release Management, Project Management, Change Control and Software Configuration Management.

Subbu is also a professional dance instructor. He and his fiancé teach Salsa, Bachata and Bollywood in the Denver Metro area. They also have a performance company and do shows in and around Colorado.

Lindsey Rabinowitz
Lindsey Rabinowitz
Development Associate, Jewish Community Center

Lindsey Rabinowitz—PMBA Cohort 16

Lindsey Rabinowitz is a Denver native. A Bachelor’s degree in Television and Radio with a concentration in Media Management from Ithaca College led Lindsey to New York and Los Angeles, and she recently returned to Denver in 2013. Her array of experience from the entertainment industry to the non-profit sector has inspired an life long passion to create a non-profit organization dedicated to helping fight body image and eating disorder issues. Lindsey works for The Robert E. Loup Jewish Community Center in Glendale, Colorado as a Development Associate.

While researching business graduate schools, the Professional MBA at the University of Denver quickly became Lindsey's first choice. With a school so focused on ethical business, values-based leadership and a Cohort based program, it was a no brainer. Lindsey has found that the relationships she has formed with both the students within her Cohort and the professors will last a lifetime. She is already utilizing the knowledge and tools learned from classes to work on her business plan and is making a positive impact on her fellow associates as her cohort's Social Co-Chair.

When not focused on school or putting in time at the office, Lindsey likes to spend her time playing kickball, enjoying the theater, reading a good fantasy/sci-fi book, volunteering with civic leadership organizations, training for a marathon or checking out Denver's new breweries and restaurants. With her love for people and inspiring conversation, she’s excited to meet new people at many of the DU hosted events.

Tim Redetzke
Tim Redetzke
Senior Accounting Manager, TeleTech

Tim Redetzke—EMBA Cohort 62

Tim has over 11 years of experience in the field of accounting; 6 of those years were in public accounting and experience with the Big 4. He has managed and led accounting teams since 2008. Tim's work experience spans several industries, including hospitality, moving & storage, healthcare, real estate and most recently BPO. He has a high focus on team and personal development. The roles where Tim experienced significant success were management of team transitions, process improvement and cost reduction while maintaining outcomes. Tim leads by example and manages via a collaborative approach, where he focuses on objectives and outcomes.

Kevin Rusk
Kevin Rusk
Budget Officer, University of Denver

Kevin Rusk—PMBA Cohort 15

Kevin Rusk is a native Minnesotan who moved to Denver in the summer of 2013. His professional life has revolved around higher education: Kevin spent six years as a recruiter and application reader for his alma mater, St. Olaf College, a liberal arts school just outside of Minneapolis. Now at the University of Denver as a member of the senior staff in the Enrollment Division, Kevin is responsible for the budget, contract and HR operations in undergraduate admissions and financial aid.

He was drawn to the Professional MBA program because of it's breadth in business topics, the cohort of working professionals also in the program and especially to understand how businesses like higher education and others, can best do real good in the world. Kevin is brushing up on his Spanish and really looking forward to traveling with his classmates to Santiago, Chile as a part of the Global Business Imperative course. He has been especially impressed with how he's been able to apply something from business school pretty much right away after each class.

When not doing finance homework or reading business law cases, Kevin loves to get up to the mountains to ski and hike. He's an avid bike-commuter and aspiring foodie. Kevin is currently hooked on the podcast Serial and looks forward to talking about it (and Daniels) with you.

Nicole Stern
Nicole Stern
Program Manager, ServiceSource

Nicole Stern—PMBA Cohort 16

Originally from California, Nicole attended the University of Denver where she received her BA in International Studies. She was a member of the DU Equestrian Team and the Sigma Iota Rho Honors Society. Upon completing her degree from DU, Nicole decided to remain in Colorado where she actively pursues her hobbies of skiing, horseback riding, hiking and spending time with her dog Rico.

Currently Nicole works int eh capacity of Program Manager of Strategic Initiatives and Business Optimization for ServiceSource, industry leader in reoccurring revenue management. She is responsible for global program and project management across a portfolio of enterprise clients ensuring that their strategic goals and business optimization initiatives receive best-in-class execution.

Seth Wanger
Seth Wanger
Deputy Program Manager, Cherokee Nation Businesses

Seth Wanger—PMBA Cohort 16

Seth Wanger is a proud Denver resident originally from Oklahoma—born and raised in a small town and received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major in Accounting from Oklahoma State University. Shortly after graduation he moved to Denver where he took an accounting position working for the Cherokee Nation Businesses. He is an enrolled citizen of the Cherokee Nation, the largest tribe in the country. Seth has since moved into a Program Management role within the tribal business managing contracts and employees for federal government clients.

The ultimate deciding factors that attributed to Seth applying to Daniels stem from the College's core values: community, excellence and ethics. These three things drove his decision along with the professors that would be teaching him. What makes Daniels different? According to Seth, the answer includes the cohort format, classes incorporated in the Daniels Compass, the accommodating staff and diverse knowledge of professors.

In his free time, Seth volunteers at the Denver Indian Center teaching new technologies in the Native Elder Program. He enjoys all the typical Colorado activities such as skiing, hiking, running, golfing and sporting events.

Marc Wells
Marc Wells
Landman, Holland Services

Marc Wells—PMBA Cohort 16

Born and raised in Littleton, Colorado, Marc graduated from Colorado State University in 2013 with a BS in Business Management. Prior to attending CSU, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in 2007. During his service in the Marine Corps he deployed to both Farah and Helmand Province Afghanistan in 2008 and to Southeast Asia as part of the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit in 2010.

After graduating with his Bachelor's, Marc accepted a position with J.P. Morgan to join their Asset Management team in Columbus, Ohio as a credit analyst. In July 2014 Marc and his family moved back to Denver so that he could start a career in oil and gas as a Landman with Holland Services.

In his free time, Marc enjoys building Lego houses with his daughter, camping, running and fly fishing.

Tim Wilder
Tim Wilder
Mortgage Broker, Liberty Home Loans

Tim Wilder—EMBA Cohort 64

Tim has been in mortgage lending for far too long working primarily in the north metro and Boulder areas. He earned his undergraduate degree in Economics at the University of Kansas. Rock Chalk Jayhawk! He is currently pursuing his MBA at the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver. Tim and his wife live in Lafayette. When not working or studying, Tim can often times be seen in his role as a part time super hero dad to his three kids. He is thankful for caffeine.