Solve a Real-World Business Problem in Real Time.

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Participating teams of four to six students must meet the following requirements:

  • Be mixed gender.
  • Represent at least two countries.
  • Be comprised of both undergraduate and graduate students
  • At least one student from a program outside of Daniels (e.g. Korbel, Sturm, GSSW, etc.)

Teams are challenged to put together the most diverse team and define their criteria for diversity.


Students will receive a business case problem focusing on inclusive excellence and business. The case is designed by the participating company.

Presentation Guidelines

Teams should consider the following broad guidelines when presenting their case:

  • Presentations should be professional and follow business standards (business dress, language, etc.).
  • Consider distinctive viewpoints, such as the community, management, employees, financials and shareholders, etc.
  • Convey a comprehensive understanding of the case including: key issues, possible impacts and future government regulations.
  • Provide a strategic decision analysis including a financial analysis, if applicable.
  • Present a clear resolution and demonstrate proactive management processes.
  • Demonstrate creativity.
  • Bring awareness and attention to inclusive excellence.