Bill Daniels, namesake of our College.

Bill Daniels
Courtesy of The Daniels Fund

The story of Bill Daniels, widely regarded as “the father of cable television,” is one of vision, entrepreneurship and humanitarianism. Daniels is recognized for both his great business sense and his commitment to ethics and integrity. Bill Daniels was born in Greeley, Colorado. After graduating from the New Mexico Military Institute in 1941, Daniels joined the United States Navy and became a decorated World War II naval fighter pilot. In 1952, Bill Daniels pioneered using microwave technology to relay television broadcast signals, which vastly improved television reception in rural communities. The success of this technology led him to form a successful cable brokerage firm. In 1989, Daniels presented the University of Denver with a challenge grant to update its graduate business curriculum. The goal was to create a program that taught both the business fundamentals and values-based leadership skills needed to navigate business realities. In recognition of his tremendous contributions to the College, the faculty unanimously voted to change the College’s name to the Daniels College of Business in 1994. Bill Daniels’ successful reputation in the business community was matched only by his reputation as a philanthropist. During his lifetime, Daniels donated millions to educational and philanthropic organizations. Before his death in March 2000, he created The Daniels Fund, the largest charitable organization in Colorado, which supports initiatives and organizations throughout the Rocky Mountain region, including the Business Ethics Chair at Daniels College of Business. Bill Daniels attributed his personal and professional success to his values and principles. He grouped his values into the key areas of integrity, trust, accountability, transparency, fairness, respect, rule of law and viability. These core values guided how he lived his life and built his businesses.


Act with honesty in all situations


Build trust in all stakeholder relationships


Accept responsibility for all decisions


Maintain open and truthful communications


Engage in fair competition and create equitable and just relationships