Elevating the Study and Practice of Business Ethics

At Daniels, our faculty is committed to teaching ethics across a broad spectrum of business disciplines. As one of the first business colleges to integrate business ethics and values-based leadership into our core curriculum, our faculty members are internationally recognized as leaders in the field.

The faculty at Daniels continuously strives to engage community partners to provide real-world growth opportunities for its students—one of the numerous ways they instill ethics into their students and overall culture. This exposure is represented in the quality of work provided by Daniels students and in their ongoing commitment to service after completion of their degree programs. Our organization has benefited tremendously from its involvement with the Daniels College of Business.- Rob Smith, MSIT, 2000; MBA, 1999; BSBA, 1992, Executive Director and Founder, Rocky Mountain MicroFinance Initiative


Robert GiacaloneBill Daniels Chair of Business Ethics & Director of Ethics Integration: Robert Giacalone

In 2013, Robert Giacalone, PhD joined the Daniels College of Business as the Bill Daniels Chair of Business Ethics. He joins Daniels from Temple University’s Fox School of Business where he was a professor of human resource management and former acting director of the Center for Ethics and Organizational Integrity. Dr. Giacalone’s full bio.


Corey CiocchettiDepartment of Business Ethics and Legal Studies: Corey Ciocchetti, Chair

As our commitment to and focus on ethics grew, a new department emerged: the Department of Business Ethics and Legal Studies (BELS). Founded in 2002, BELS continues to be one of the few academic departments in the world to merge ethics and law. With 10 full-time faculty members, BELS is also one of the largest departments of its kind. Corey Ciocchetti, JD, is the chair of the Department of Business Ethics and Legal Studies and has a background in law. At Daniels, Ciocchetti created and runs Ethics Boot Camp. Dr. Ciochetti’s full bio.


sweeney-danThe Institute for Enterprise Ethics: Dan Sweeney, Executive Director

Daniels founded the Institute for Enterprise Ethics in 2009. It is a center dedicated to the integration of ethical, socially responsible and sustainable leadership practices into the fabric of corporate culture. The Institute coordinates the College’s outreach, teaching, training and research in the areas of ethics and compliance, governance and leadership, and social responsibility and sustainability. Daniel Sweeney, PhD was appointed as executive director of the Institute for Enterprise Ethics in April 2011. Sweeney has long served as an adjunct faculty member at Daniels, teaching courses in leadership and competitive strategies. In addition to his work with Daniels, Sweeney founded the Center for Corporate Excellence in 2003, an organization whose mission was to raise the standards of ethical business conduct. Dr. Sweeney’s full bio.