Daniels Inclusive Excellence Committee

As part of the Daniels Tomorrow Strategic Plan, an Inclusive Excellence (IE) Committee was established and a number of Action Plan items were completed since its inception. These included solidification of the committee, audit of College IE activities, finalization of IE vision statement aligned with that of the University and the beginning of IE training for faculty, staff and students.

The IE Committee has worked closely with the University’s Center for Multicultural Excellence (CME) and continues to be an active partner to the team at CME. This partnership goes beyond the training provided to faculty and staff and also includes working with them to adopt and embed inclusive best practices throughout the College’s systems and processes. The IE Committee also began looking at comparative and aspirational business schools to benchmark Daniels and is proposing completion of various action items in its most recent strategic plan—and beyond—to put the College in a position to be a leader at the University in pursuing inclusive excellence.

Want to get involved?

Daniels is constantly looking for new members of the Inclusive Excellence Committee to help us move in a positive direction for not only our students, faculty and staff, but to project the importance of diversity throughout the entire university. If you believe you would make a great contribution to this committee, please read the guidelines posted below and complete a membership application.

Completed applications can be sent to Esther Gil at esther.gil@du.edu.

For More Information Contact:

  • Marilyn Hughes, Co-Chair Inclusive Excellence Committee, Daniels College of Business
  • David Corsun, Co-Chair Inclusive Excellence Committee, Daniels College of Business