Role of Daniels Events

The Daniels events area is directly responsible for directing, planning and executing events presented by the Daniels College of Business. Events affect image, reputation, community relations, recruitment, alumni relations, development and student relations. The area also acts as an event-planning resource to the rest of the College to include departments, student groups and third parties.

Helpful Hints for Event Submissions

  • Submit your complete event information by noon on Wednesday for publication in the following Monday’s @Daniels and calendar.
  • We publish events one week at a time in @Daniels and on the calendar.
  • Only events submitted with all information will be posted. We will contact you as a courtesy for complete information and will wait for all event details before we post the event.
  • Please do not submit incomplete event information in hopes to “get it started.” This only slows down the process as we can only post events to the website with complete details.
  • Posting an event once eliminates the chance for error and ensures that everyone’s events are posted in a timely manner.
  • We are unable to send attachments via PioneerWeb. Please keep this in mind when you are submitting your event/announcement.

Note: @Daniels event listings feed directly into PioneerWeb automatically.

Importance of Events at Daniels

Events offer a personal touch point for all Daniels stakeholders. Events are an opportunity to engage students, alumni, faculty, staff, corporate partners and friends of the College with our brand and mission. Branding and planning Daniels events correctly can create loyalty and awareness for the Daniels College of Business.

Event Strategy

A thoughtful and developed event strategy ensures that goals and objectives are met and measurable, target audiences are pinpointed, costs are tracked and roles and responsibilities are clearly defined. Below are some key features to include in an event strategy. It is good to have the entire planning team/committee agree on this document before planning begins.


  • Include an overview of expectations for the event
  • How does the event fit with the Daniels mission and vision?


  • How did the event idea originate?
  • Has the event been held before?
  • If held before, what are some changes that are being instituted based on feedback?

Goals and Objectives:

  • Goals are an overall ambition for the event
  • Objectives are measurable tactics for achieving a goal


  • Number of guests expected

Target Audience:

  • Type(s) of guests expected

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Structure of planning team/committee
  • Define for each member


  • Include actual from previous event if applicable, estimated for current event, actuals for current event
  • Some line items to plan for include venue, set-up, catering, rentals, flowers, marketing materials and design, giveaways, audio-visual, parking, event materials and photography

Communications Timeline:

  • Action, assigned to, target audience, due date, status

Communications Materials:

  • Item, quantity, needed by, notes on content, use and look

Sponsorship Strategy:

  • Levels
  • Benefits


What happens after you submit your event or announcement? This puts the wheels in motion to broadcast your event across multiple channels. Your post is sent automatically to be added to the event pages on, included in @Daniels and on the printed building calendars. It’s a one-stop shop for broadcasting your event.

Event Staff Structure

Assistant Director of College Events Strategy and Marketing

  • Plans and executes advancement and alumni events
  • Oversees event staff

College Events Manager

  • Plans and executes college events—Daniels Nights, Academic Hood Presentation ceremonies
  • Maintains master event schedule in Outlook
  • Maintains room reservation schedule in Outlook for Schneider Boardroom, Ruschmeyer Conference Room, Deans’ Dining Room and Marcus Commons
  • Provides iModules training for online registration and email setup

Banner and Poster Sign-Outs

Increase visibility of your event by checking out Daniels banners and posters/sign holders. Signs should be placed only in designated areas. It is against facility policy to tape anything to windows or doors.

Check out Daniels Travel Banner»

Check out Daniels Event Poster»

Building Signage Maps

Bulletin boards in the Daniels building are reserved for specific display purposes. There are three boards on the first floor open to anyone in the College to post, four on the second floor and one on the third floor. Any posting that is made with a Daniels template does not need an approval stamp. All other postings must have an approval stamp obtained at the Driscoll Information Desk. Any postings not stamped will be removed.

Any postings found on reserved boards will be relocated the first time they are found and discarded any additional times. Please remove any postings after the event date has passed.

Event Submission