Welcome, Daniels Brand Ambassadors

Every faculty and staff member at Daniels is a Brand Ambassador. The dedicated OCM team offers services and resources to help you promote our brand in everything you do.

Great things happen at Daniels.
OCM shares Daniels with the world.

The Office of Communications and Marketing (OCM) works diligently to promote, uphold and convey the Daniels brand in the following ways:

  • Gain positive press for the College in national and international media
  • Produce publications and multimedia that showcases the remarkable achievements of Daniels students, faculty, staff, and alumni
  • Advance our enrollment marketing goals
  • Create community through social media
  • Act as a brand knowledge resource for all other units within Daniels
  • Contribute ideas and creative strategies to elevate the international reputation of our College, our programs and our people
  • Create engagement through College-level events
  • Benchmark and employ best industry practices for online communication

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Explore the sections of the Daniels Brand Book based on your needs. You can also download the entire Brand Book»

Section 1 About Our Brand
Section 2 Printed Items, Tools and Templates
Section 3 Purchasing Merchandise
Section 4 Internal Communications and Building Signage
Section 5 Working With OCM
Section 6 Events
Section 7 Photography & Video
Section 8 New Employees
Section 9 Web Info and Updates
Section 10 PR and Media
Section 11 Daniels Writing Style
Section 12 Visual Identity (Includes Fonts and Colors)
Section 13 Email and E-Communications

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Fonts are a key visual component to building a consistent, powerful brand. The following fonts have been carefully selected to represent the DU and Daniels brand. It is important to utilize them, both internally and externally, to maintain a level of uniformity across all communication materials. 

The primary font family used by the University is Futura. Trebuchet, a common system font, may be substituted for Futura for the purpose of electronic presentations that are shared with outside partners who do not have access to Futura. No other typefaces should be substituted, no matter how similar they appear. 

If you discover that your computer does not have Futura, please complete the Network Management Request form found on the Daniels eNet to request assistance. Please note that naming conventions may vary depending on the operating system being used (Macintosh or PC).

Primary font—Futura 

Futura, a sans serif font, is derived from simple geometric forms. Its modern appearance is characterized by efficiency and forwardness. Four variations of this typeface are commonly used throughout a variety of communication materials: Book, Book Oblique, Heavy and Heavy Oblique. PC versions are: Futura LT Book and Futura LT Medium. Never use Futura Bold, faux bold or faux italic.


Secondary font—Minion Pro 

Minion Pro is a classic serif font. 


Formal font—Tangerine 

Tangerine is a script font used to give a more personal feel and to lend formality to invitations. 


Casual font—MaryDale 

MaryDale is a handwritten font used to give a casual and fun feel to collateral pieces. 


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